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A petawatt laser coupled with LMJ facility for civilian research

Laser"PETAL" stands for "PETawatt Aquitaine Laser".

The PETAL laser facility is a high energy multi-petawatt laser, wich is able to generate pulses of up to 3.5 kJ energy with a duration of 0.5 to 5 ps. This petawatt laser will be coupled with the high power laser LMJ (Laser MégaJoule). PETAL will act as a demonstrator of physics and laser technology for the subsequent facility named HiPER.

PETAL is located in the site of the CEA/CESTA in Le Barp, close to Bordeaux.

The “Région Aquitaine” is the contracting owner of the PETAL facility. The CEA is the project manager and the prime contractor of the PETAL project. The Technical and scientific assistance is provided by the ILP (Institut Lasers et Plasmas).

PETAL is part of the Pole de compétitivité Route des lasers .

PETAL-LMJ call of proposals: The Institute Lasers and Plasmas, the CEA and Region Aquitaine now invite the researchers from the academic community to submit proposals for experiments to be performed on the LMJ/PETAL laser facility starting in 2017.

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