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Last modification on Tuesday 17 March 2009
The coupling between the PETAL and the LIL laser chains opened three major research areas :

The inertial confinement fusion (ICF)

Lignes à haute tension Fusion energy is an attractive, environmentally clean power source using sea water as its principal source of fuel. No greenhouse gases or long-lived radioactive waste materials are produced. The Fusion energy can be achieved by using high power lasers of a new generation. PETAL will be a fore-runner for developping this new kind of lasers, especially dedicated to fast ignition.

Physics of the extreme

Atome et électrons PETAL will also create extreme experimental conditions for instance by generating high magnetic fields, or high electrical power that can lead to X or gamma rays or particles beams.

Knowledge of the Universe

Supernova PETAL will recreate in the laboratory conditions occuring normally at the heart of stars. There is therefore a unique opportunity to have in Aquitaine a research tool to increase our knowledge about the mechanisms presiding over the operation of celestial objects (stars, supernovae, etc ….) and the behavior of material under these specific conditions.
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