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> PETAL-LMJ Call of proposals

Dernière modification le vendredi 19 septembre 2014

Dear colleague,

The Institute Lasers and Plasmas, the CEA and Region Aquitaine now invite the researchers from the academic community to submit proposals for experiments to be performed on the LMJ/PETAL laser facility starting in 2017.
Application form - pdf
Application form - word

Please note that the deadline for sending the letters of intent (first step of the application procedure) is october 31th, 2014. Letters (and questions) should be sent to ILP-LMJ-call@cpht.polytechnique.fr

The LMJ-PETAL Scientific Case can be downloaded at : http://www.cpht.polytechnique.fr/de...

This document can also be found on the ILP web site : http://www.ilp.u-bordeaux1.fr

The present version is still a preliminary version. A final version will be distributed later.

As an annex of the LMJ-PETAL Scientific Case you will find the LMJ-PETAL User guide. This annex will be updated regularly and accessible at the LMJ web site ( http://www-lmj.cea.fr/ ) and more directly at http://www-lmj.cea.fr/fr/ForUsers.htm

Feel free to distribute the documents to whoever might be interested.

Best regards,

Patrick Mora, Director of the Institute Lasers and Plasmas
Thierry Massard, President of the Association Lasers and Plasmas
Dimitri Batani, PETAL Chief Scientific Advisor

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