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Accueil > 8-9 December 2011 : PETAL workshop, PETAL+ launching, HiPER WP10 & 12


> 8-9 December 2011 : PETAL workshop, PETAL+ launching, HiPER WP10 & 12

Dernière modification le mercredi 4 janvier 2012

On december 8, there will be a workshop on "Physics with PETAL"

The workshop on "Physics with Petal" will be addressed and open to the French and European scientific community with the double aim of giving visibility to the PETAL project and also of focusing the attention of the scientific community to the upcoming possibility of performing experiments on PETAL / LMJ starting from 2014 (for what concerns the characterisation of the laser systems and diagnostics) and 2015 (for physics experiments). PETAL / LMJ will be a unique facility where new domains of physics can be explored. These includes on one side studies of matter in extreme conditions and the so-called laboratory astrophysics experiments, and on the other side science related to Inertial Fusion for the future production of Energy (in particular study of advanced ignition schemes like fast ignition and shock ignition). This last topic is also strictly related to the European HiPER project, which is indeed closely related to the PETAL system as main French contribution to the project. For this reason, the present workshop will also be coupled to the annual meetings of the Working Packages 10 and 12 of the HiPER project. The first phase of use of PETAL will include the characterisation of the laser itself, the study of secondary sources of protons, X-rays, and electrons produced with PETAL (which could be possibly used also for backlighting of LMJ experiments), the study of extreme states of matter produced by short-pulse heating of solid targets. The complexity of the PETAL / LMJ installation and the need of a careful design and accurate preparation of the experiments imply that we must begin now to plan future experiments. This makes the proposed workshop extremely timely.

The PETAL+ project, funded by ANR and managed by the University of Bordeaux, will also be launched on December 8. It concerns the study and the realization of the first diagnostics which will be operational on the PETAL/LMJ facility.

On December 9, there will be the annual meeting of the Working Groups WP10 (Fusion Experimental Programme) and WP12 (Basic Science) of the European Project HiPER. The meeting will address the discussion of achievements in the fields of experiments related to Fast Ignition, Shcok Ignition, and Basic Science, and the future HiPER experimental programme on intermediate laser facilities (LULI2000, Vulcan, PALS, Phelix, Orion, LIL, …) and the possibility of realising future experiments on LMJ aimed at the demonstartion of the scientific feasibility of Polar Direct Drive and Shcok Ignition on LMJ.

Both events will take place at the Hotel de la Region in Bordeaux.
No registration fee is required.
Lunch will be offered on both days.

Free registration :

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