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> 29 September 2013 :NIF Breaks Yield Record and Reaches Scientific Breakeven

Dernière modification le lundi 20 janvier 2014
NIF successfully completed its next Deuterium-Tritium (DT) cryogenic layered fuel implosion experiment. All 192 beams delivered 1.82 MJ of ultraviolet light into the Laser Entrance Holes (LEHs) in the target. The peak power was 395 TW. Initial indications are this shot provided a record neutron yield of 5x10^15 neutrons ( 14 kJ). The self-generated energy of this target exceeded the input energy of the imploding DT fuel (scientific break-even). The amplification of the yield by nearly a factor of two as a result of “self-heating” is a clear demonstration of the mechanism that is needed to achieve ignition. This shot was the latest in a series of carefully designed and incremental ignition experiments that have increased the yield more than five-fold since the first high foot DT experiment in May of 2013. This increase in yield has resulted both 2 because the hydrodynamic compression energy going into the hot spot has gone up, and because of yield boost due to the additional “self-heating” by the alpha particles.
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