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The PETAL laser facility


> General architecture

Last modification on Wednesday 3 December 2008

PETAL is made of 3 differents stages. Implantation PW GB

  1. The laser stage:

    - the first sub-assembly generates ultrashort pulses, which are then stretched from femtosecond to nanosecond duration to be amplified from 3nJ to 100mJ,

    - an amplifier section based on LIL arrangement will deliver 6kJ of infrared laser beam,

    - a vacuum compression chamber will deliver a Multi-Petawatt laser beam of picosecond or femtosecond pulses, with energies of several kilojoules,

    - several vacuum tubes will transport the laser beam to the experimental room.

  2. An independant system dedicated to beam characterization is implemented into the "Petawatt-SCF" room.

  3. The petawatt beam will be introduced, focalised and coupled with the LIL thanks to an opto-mechanics system.
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