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Last modification on Wednesday 6 May 2009
EuropeThe PETAL project is involved in a European collaboration aiming to form a network on the following fields :
- science of the warm and dense plasma
- science of the hot plasma for energy production.

In that respect, to establish a common approach within this network :
- a Memorendum Of Understanding between ILP and the Central Laser Facility at RAL was signed in April 2007,

- a Consortium Agreement was signed in October 2008 for the 3 year preparatory phase of HiPER project between 25 institutions from 11 nations. This includes representation at a national level from 6 countries (Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, UK), 2 regional governments (Aquitaine and Madrid), multiple international institutions and industry. There are also strong international links to programs in USA, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, China and Canada.

If the HIPER project is the spearhead of the European collaboration on those topics, PETAL is also involved with the following projects or institution :

- PHELIX at GSI in Darmsdadt is a project coupling a petawatt laser to heavy ions beams,

- the Instituto Fusión Nuclear , ETSII, Universidad Politecnica Madrid, is a partner for theoretical physics of hot and dense plasmas and conception of targets designed for these specific experiences.
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